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The fact that Thai food is unlike any other cuisine on the earth is perhaps the most compelling reason for its popularity. You’ll understand what we’re talking about if you’ve ever tasted a bowl of hot Tom Yam soup or freshly prepared Phad Thai noodles.

So, what is it about those delicacies that makes them so delectable and unique? Well, it’s a mash-up of a variety of factors. From the ingredients used to the rich history that has shaped it, real Thai cuisine has become a global phenomenon.

In this blog article, we’ll discuss what makes Thai food unique and so popular in places all around the world. Let’s have a peek, shall we?


1. Bold flavours

There’s nothing subtle about the flavours of authentic Thai cuisine. In most meals, powerful and pungent aromatics are used, resulting in bold flavours that make the one who eats it sweat! Thai chilis, for example, offer a spiciness to a variety of dishes. To impart their powerful, lemony tones, lime leaves and lemongrass are usually incorporated in the dishes. In many traditional meals, the fish sauce also adds a distinctly funky flavour.

Don’t be scared to experiment with new ingredients and stimulate your taste receptors. When the perfect elements come together, amazing things happen.


2. Harmonious flavours

The goal of Thai cuisine is to achieve a balance between the salty, sweet, spicy, and sour flavours in a meal. This may be difficult, but it should not deter you from attempting to enjoy real Thai cuisine. After all, this delicate balance isn’t so delicate. However, it’s all subjective and you’ll often find that following your instincts is the best way to go. If you’re not into hot dishes, perhaps you could play it down a notch.


3. It’s technically-crafted

One of the many distinguishing features of Thai cuisine is that the technical abilities necessary to prepare its signature dishes differ from one to the next. Some dishes are quite basic, but they taste fantastic. To make a delicious Thai omelette, all you need is a hot wok, a few pantry supplies, and a bowl of steamed rice. Other meals, on the other hand, are incredibly complicated and time-consuming, but well worth the effort.


4. Plenty of dishes are served

Another distinctive feature of Thai cuisine is that it is a ‘flowing’ cuisine, which means that food is constantly replenished during a meal, especially in large groups. With each course, plates are filled and replenished, and the larger the group, the more courses are normally served.


5. It involves plenty of fresh herbs

Thai cuisine, more than many other cuisines, makes extensive use of herbs in almost all of its dishes. Thais adore dill, parsley, cilantro, many types of basil, and many other herbs. Even in Western countries, obtaining these ingredients is no longer a difficulty. To get in on the flavours, look for them in the Asian area of your store or at your local Thai grocer.


6. It encourages personalisation

Finally, the amount of seasoning and condiments available to the diner is another distinctive feature of Thai cuisine. In Western cuisines, salt and pepper allow you to change the flavour of your food. However, there are a lot more flavour enhancers available in Thailand, and they’re a lot more complicated.

For example, prik nam pla is a fish sauce, chilli, and lime sauce that adds another layer of flavour to the already delicious Thai omelette we mentioned previously. Or how about a bowl of Thai noodle soup where you have to season the dish yourself? These are served with sour, spicy vinegar, sugar, and fish sauce to help you create the flavour balance that is so characteristic of Thai food.



We hope that now that you’ve learned about the distinguishing aspects of Thai cuisine, you have a better idea of what this cuisine is all about. You might even start preparing Thai foods at home if you take these cooking concepts to heart. We guarantee it will be more satisfying and delicious than anything from a take-out box!

To truly experience the beauty of Thai cuisine, we invite you to make a reservation at Jai Siam today and enjoy the unique burst of flavours in your senses!

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